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Disig eArchive

Long-term archiving of electronically signed documents

The Disig eArchive application supplements almost any DMS (Document Management System) with an ability to maintain long-term validity of the archived documents signed by qualified electronic signatures and/or seals (QES). This is a solution suitable for medium- and large-size organisations that need to archive their documents signed by QES in a long-term run.

When working with electronic signatures, the Disig eArchive uses the renowned component Disig QES Signer, which is certified by the Slovak NSA as an application for automated creation and verification of the qualified electronic signature or seal.

An advanced, yet simple integration interface of the Disig eArchive system enables integration with already existing DMS in the organization, which is instrumental in recovering the investments spent for building up the system as such and reduce additional storage capacity.

Basic characteristic

  • ensure the long-term preservation of the archived documents signed by the QES
  • server solution for the Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • simple integration in respect with any existing DMS in the organisation
  • absolutely transparent solution for the DMS end users
  • possibility to archive a wide range of document formats and electronic signatures
  • integration within existing infrastructure is instrumental in the investment recovery process
  • solution is in accordance with the ETSI standards for the electronic signature as well as Slovak NSA standards

Qualified electronic signature without a time stamp

Qualified electronic signature with a time stamp

Qualified electronic signature with complete information for validation

Archive qualified electronic signature

Authentification of users and authorisation for their operations

Graphic user interface for searching, displaying and administration of archived documents

Physical storage of the archived documents

Ability to send notifications of creation, update and removal of a document via a simple WS REST interface

Application programming interface to obtain and update documentĀ“s content

All formats supported by the Disig QES Signer application

All formats supported by the Disig QES Signer application

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