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Electronic time stamp

An important tool to ensure the existence and integrity of the document

Electronic time stamp issued by TSA CA Disig is compliant with the requirements of the Act No. 215/2002 Coll. on electronic signature, as amended, as well as with requirements prescribed by RFC 3161 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure – Time-Stamp Protocol (TSP).

Our accredited certification service for issuing time stamps uses the accurate time learned by use of NTP server connected to the accurate time source provided by the GPS satellites. Private keys are stored on a HSM (hardware security module), which complies with FIPS 140-2 level 3 requirements and is certified by the Slovak NSA.

A time stamp can be provided upon request for a time stamp addressed to the TSA CA Disig (the time stamp issuer) via a webpage application (HTTP or HTTPS protocols) of the server TSA CA Disig or via standard port of the time-stamping service (318), which is installed on the client´s side (in the client´s software). A request contains a digital fingerprint of the document to which the time stamp should be attached, generated based on the approved hash function.

A customer can request a time stamp by using an authorization token (a certificate used to log in to the time-stamping server) installed on a specific PC (or more PCs). Access to the service can be also enabled from a specific IP address, depending on the particular agreement.

Basic characteristic

  • it can´t be created without the knowledge of the private key designated for this purpose and without an electronic document
  • based on the knowledge of the public key related to the private key used to create a time stamp, it is possible to verify that an electronic document, to which the time stamp is attached or logically associated with, is the same as the electronic document used for creating the time stamp
  • it was created by an accredited certification authority by using its private key designated for this purpose

We prepared packages of 200, 500 and 1000 time stamps for our customers who need a time stamp to communicate with Slovak courts, Real Estate Cadastre, other public bodies or business partners.

We offer:
• TS 200 package
• TS 500 package
• TS 1000 package
• TS Premium package

Pricelist is available at eidas.disig.sk.

You can place a binding order for the time stamp service by filling out this form: Order - time stamp service

After filling it out, your order will be send directly to our company

After sending the order you will receive a preliminary invoice containing payment information in the form of pdf

After you make a payment, you will receive an invoice as a confirmation of your payment, which can be used for tax purposes. Electronic invoice will be sent on email address you provided while making an order and it will fulfil all requirements prescribed by the Act No. 222/2004 Coll. on value added tax, as amended and by the Act No. 431/2000 Coll. on accounting, as amended

By sending a binding order, you agree to receive invoices in an electronic form. In case you disagree, it is necessary to include this information to an email that contains your order

Information on activation of the time stamping service will be delivered at least 5 working days after we receive your payment

Prepaid time stamps package can be used up to 1 year after the activation of the service. An access token (in the form of certificate) is issued for the period of 13 months, so our company or you will have 30 days for any administrative acts (payment, activation) related to the service

The current status of usage of your time stamps prepaid by one of our packages can be verified by clicking on “status of TS package usage” button

The service will function only on condition that your authorization token is saved in your web browser´s certificates´ repository

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