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Disig Enterprise Signer

Portal solution for electronic signing of documents among partners

Disig Enterprise Signer is a portal solution aimed at simple and secure electronic signing of documents among partners (typically contracts and agreements). The solution provides controlled remote exchange of documents for the purpose of their authorization by electronic signature. This process can take place within one company, or even between two or more entities.

Basic characteristic

  • Modern responsive web interface functional in all common internet browsers, also supporting use on mobile devices
  • Support for multiple levels and forms of electronic signature (including qualified) with the possibility of defining the required level and form individually for each document for signing
  • Support for multiple signatures for all participating entities and mass signing of multiple documents at the same time
  • Customizable signing workflow, support for comprehensive management and administration of the signing process (e.g. permission settings, status monitoring, notifications)
  • Support for inserting of a visual signature that is bound to an electronic signature, location management of the visual signature by user, possibility to automatically attach additional accompanying data to the visual signature
  • Support for document templates with the possibility of automated or manual completion of key data when sending a document for signing
  • E-mail notifications on essential events in the system with URL links to carry out the corresponding action in the solution
  • Immediate disclosure of the final signed document to all participating parties
  • Possibility to return the document without signing by the addressee with justification or comments
  • Secure participation of partners without the need to log in to the system or installation of SW equipment
  • Integrated authentication in a Windows domain and workstation environment
  • User interface quickly visually adaptable to the customer's identity
  • Extensibility with archive functionality to ensure the long-term verifiability of electronically signed documents
  • Easy integration of the solution with existing document management solutions (e.g. SharePoint, Alfresco), automated registry administration, directory services, CRM, etc.

High degree of legal certainty - the solution guarantees full compliance with applicable Slovak legislation, EU law (particularly eIDAS regulation) and ETSI technical standards

It simplifies, streamlines and speeds up electronic communication among partners

Allows the use of available means to create an electronic signature (including a qualified electronic signature using eID)

Significantly reduces direct and indirect financial costs for users related to authorization and management of electronic documents, reduces administrative burdens, saves time

Relieves users from the need for physical contact when signing documents, allows users to electronically sign and verify documents anytime, anywhere, online and nonstop

Relieves end users from the technical complexity associated with electronic signatures (installation of SW components, configuration of signature policies) and significantly increases user comfort

Various solution deployment options including On premise and Cloud

Minimum requirements for the target server infrastructure

System requirements for on premise deployment:

Virtual or physical server

Microsoft Windows Server or Linux

Minimum 1-core CPU and 2 GB RAM, 1 GB HDD space

At least a 4-core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD space is recommended

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